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DirectoryPress Translation

Please watch tutorial to understand how DirectoryPress can be translated into your language or replace with your desire words. Super easy to setup for translation ready. Good Luck.

Step: 1

  1. Please go to wp-admin > appearance > plugins > search a plugin named as “Loco Translate”. Install and activate it to get started.
  2. Click on Loco Translate > Plugins > DirectoryPress (fig:1.1)

Fig: 1.1

Step: 2
This step is only required for DirectoryPress Main plugin, Addon plugin don’t required this configuration.

  1. Click Advanced Tab (fig: 1.2)
  2. Edit Text Domain and file prefix both change text to uppercase “DIRECTORYPRESS”. (fig: 1.2)
  3. Hit button Save Config.

Fig: 1.2

Step: 3

  1. Click Overview Tab (fig: 1.3)
  2. Click “New Language”(fig: 1.3)

Here you are creating a new language.

Fig: 1.3

Step: 4

  1. Choose a language (fig: 1.4)
  2. Choose a location, which should be the middle one as in the attachment (fig: 1.4)
  3. Click Button. “Sart Translating“.

Choose your language in which you want to translate your website.

Fig: 1.4

Step: 5

  1. You are on the Edior tab. (fig: 1.5)
  2. Select the English word which you want to translate into your language (fig: 1.5)
  3. Your English words will be visible below on the Source text field.
  4. On the bottom field will be your language field in which you need to type or copy paste translation or desire words.
  5. Hit save to implement the changes.

Fig: 1.5

Step: 6

  1. Now go to wp-admin > Settings > general
    Here you need to find “Site language” in the select field please choose your language then hit save Changes. (fig: 1.6)

Fig: 1.6

This is how you can change any word into your own language to make it understand people of your language. Hope this article helps. Good Luck.. !