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Edit A Fields Group

Since version 3.0 DirectoryPress Offer seamless user experience at Backend with ajax based operations, At the end of this short tutorial you will be able edit any custom fields without any doubt in mind. Watch Video or follow step by step guide below

Step: 1

  1. Browse to DirectoryPress -> Fields and click Groups Tab (fig:1.1)
  2. Click Configure link for particular gorup(fig:1.1)

Fig: 1.1

Step: 2
All fields with * are required

  1. Click Edit button (fig: 1.2)

Fig: 1.2

Step: 3
All fields with * are required

  1. change your desired values from available options and hit save button (Fig: 1.3)

Fig: 1.3

Step: 4
All fields with * are required

  1. After successful update, success message would appear (Fig: 1.4)
  2. Click close button to exit (Fig: 1.4)

Fig: 1.4