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Version 6.0.0

New Additions

  • 4 New premade website [New]
  • Complete redesign of base theme [New]
  • Complete redesign Directory pages like search result/locations/categories/tags [New]
  • Header Footer Builder for Elementor [New]
  • New Form Builder for Elementor [New]
  • Elements Kit for Elementor [New]
  • Elementor Advanced category widget added [New]
  • Elementor Advanced Locations widget added [New]
  • Elementor Advanced Term Slider widget added [New]
  • New Listing Grid Style 18 Added [New]
  • New controls added to elementor search widget [New]
  • New controls added to elementor category widget [New]
  • New controls added to elementor locations widget [New]
  • New controls added to elementor listing widget [New]
  • 3 New blog styles added [New]
  • Email notification for listing admin note [New]
  • Packages repurchase limit [New]
  • Status field search configuration. [New]
  • Related listing order and order_by follows order value set in directorypress settings [New]
  • Listing load more button styling in directorypress settings [New]
  • Sorting panel styling added in directorypress settings [New]
  • Author page contact detail hide option for anonymous user. [New]
  • New search styling option added in directorypress settings [New]


  • Opengraph metadata improvements [improvement]
  • Frontend submission contact form redesigned [improvement]
  • Author profile page designed [improvement]


  • Author widget color picker issue [fixed].
  • jqyery-ui css conflict with yith woocomerce products addon [fixed]
  • jqyery-ui css conflict with jobboard plugin [fixed]
  • translation fixed in directorypress frontend addon [fixed]
  • Login form translation fixed [fixed]
  • Register form translation fixed [fixed]
  • Report button was not following directorypress settings [fixed]
  • Header social button showing twice when set to header section. [fixed]
  • Duplicate order being created on listing submission. [fixed]
  • Display name was not working properly when updated from frontend. [fixed]
  • Profile page author title active icon was not displaying correctly. [fixed]
  • Digit field with exact number WAS not working in search [fixed]
  • Sticky header issue for some users [fixed]
  • undefined index notices upon directorypress initial activation [fixed]
  • default login form was not redirecting properly [fixed]
  • submit fields input conflict with search fields [fixed]
  • frontend submission contact form validation error issue [fixed]
  • category list was not removing as per directorypress -> settings -> category settings [fixed]
  • Author profile page permalinks issue resolved [fixed]
  • Single listing page category widget icon styling issue [fixed]