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ClassiadsPro 5.2 along with some changes which will effect your layout a little which can be set with this article by following these simple steps.

First of all we put all the settings of classiadspro in Classiads Options Which is on the top of WP panel. for only user ease purpose. check screenshot.

1. Setup My Dashboard And My Account Page

For this you need to go to WP > Pages > My Dashboard. edit the row and set to “stretch row and content (no paddings)”

Make padding 0 from below options. hit save.

these settings are for your front-end New Dashboard.

same procedure for My account (woocommerce) page. you need to follow.

Then choose in classiads page options: Page element = remove header, page tile and footer. check screenshots.

2. Listings Settings

In listing you need to setup things once again for working proper like we have added a new single listing page. Now you have two options in “default and Ultra” you can choose one of them.

also now we have author messages system and email contact form for communication with the author. check screenshot.

3. Image height and width settings for list view

In here you need to select custom as listing thumbnail width.
and set below 130 height, 130 width for list view only. check screenshot.

4. Other Ads By Same User. New Added

In here you need to change the settings as you want to have, Number of ads from same author to show on single listing and author page, Enable Other Ads, Other Ads View Switcher, Hide ordering links on other ads at single listing and author page, Other ads column for grid view on single listing and author page, and Listing view type for other ads by same user at single listing and author page. Check screenshot.

5. Category Settings (Icons style etc)

Here you have options which you can choose as you want to have.

6. Content field width.

In Classiads options > content fields > select anyone of them which you want to have in search. Edit it now the field of width is works with percentage (%) you only need to put number like 25, 33, 50, 75, 100, or any number your field will cover the area in percentage. check screenshot.

See result in frontend. 75% method of payment. and price is 25%, event is 50%.

7. Internal Expiry options.

In Classiads options > listings levels > in levels where admin can set expiry internal active period or external which user have to give when submitting new ad. Now its changed. You have only one option to choose. Days or weeks or months or years. this step was necessary for connect it to woocommerce. check screenshot.

Hope this tutorial helps you.

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