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Please update AccessPress social login plugin before Following this article. If not updated already.

Go to Wp Admin > plugins > deactivate and delete the plugin “AccessPress Social Login“.

Then go to wp > appearance > install plugin

here you can see will be listed latest one. Install and activate.

How to setup Social logins

We provided a plugin AccessPress Social login as recommended. If you haven’t install go to appearance > install plugins that will be listed here install and activate it.

Go to WP > AccessPress social logins

Go to other option to activate social logins = Yes.

Then go to network settings. Click on Facebook tab or google etc. check box for Enable. insert your App ID. App secret in to fields. Then from bottom Copy valid Oauth redirect urls. and go to your FB APP past in the fields. then save settings.

Then go to pages > login or register. edit element dhvc custom. Turn ON social login.

For Elementor

Click wp-admin > accesspress social login > how to use

01: Click AccessPress social login
02: Here you can read the complete article how to use this AccessPress for social login and configuration.

03: Copy your shortcode and paste on your form page or elements to have social logins.
04: Edit your form with elementor and add a element of shortcode which can be located in the general tab. Place on your form and add short code you copied from the accesspress social login > How to use and paste in the “Enter your shortcode” field & hit Apply Button.
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