How to Set Bidding, Massages & Ratting system

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To On/Off massages or Bidding system please go to Wp Admin Dashboard

  1. Ads listing system
  2. Listing settings
  3. Listings
  4. Single Listings page -> Here you have to on the “Enable bidding option on front-end” for the bidding system and for the massages system please select the massages system as in the attached image.

Bids will work between buyer and purchaser When a purchaser bid on any post it will be shown on the dashboard of the buyer. Bid will be shown on the listings on dashboard.

Front End

To set Ratings and Reviews:

Please go to wp-Admin Dashboard

  1. Ads Listing System
  2. Listing Settings
  3. Listing settings
  4. Rating settings

Follow the attached image.

How its work on front end:

please see the image of front end

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