Change Currency Signs For Listings and Packages

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Currency Signs for Listings Price:

Your Currency sign can be change on listings by going to your wp Dashboard -> Ads listing system -> Content Fields -> Price

Hover on the price field you can see “configure” click on it

Here you can change the listing price currency sign.

Currency Signs for Packages

Currency sign for Built-in Packages:

Please just go to wp admin -> Ads listing system -> Listing settings -> Payment settings

  1. Selection of Payments addon
  2. On checkout page subscription enabled by default
  3. Currency
  4. Currency symbol or code
  5. Currency symbol or code position
  6. Decimal separator
  7. Hide decimals in the levels price table
  8. Thousands separator
  9. All Tax settings are available here like Tax name, tax rate etc..
  10. Allow bank transfer & Bank transfer information
  11. Pay pal settings are include here like PayPal Business email, Allow single payment By PayPal, Allow subscriptions By PayPal and PayPal Sandbox mode
  12. Stripe settings like Stripe Test secret key and Stripe Test publishable key

Currency Signs for Woo-Commerce:

Please go to Wp-Admin Dashboard -> Woo-commerce -> Settings -> Here you can change the Currency Settings for Store with Woo-commerce

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