Create Listing Levels with Builtin & Woo-Commerce Payment Gateway

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Select Payment Gateway:

1st of all you have to select payment gateway from back end so please go to Wp-Admin Dashboard

  1. Ads Listing System
  2. Listing Settings
  3. Payment Settings
  4. Here you will select payment gateway that you want to use as in the attached image

Payment Setting for Built-in:

Here you will set payment for listing levels, you can see here all the settings you need to set

  1. Selection of Payments addon
  2. On checkout page subscription enabled by default
  3. Currency
  4. Currency symbol or code
  5. Currency symbol or code position
  6. Decimal separator
  7. Hide decimals in the levels price table
  8. Thousands separator
  9. All Tax settings are available here like Tax name, tax rate etc..
  10. Allow bank transfer & Bank transfer information
  11. Pay pal settings are include here like PayPal Business email, Allow single payment By PayPal, Allow subscriptions By PayPal and PayPal Sandbox mode
  12. Stripe settings like Stripe Test secret key and Stripe Test publishable key

Payment Setting for Woo-Commerce:

Please go to Wp-Admin Dashboard -> Woo-commerce -> Settings -> Here you can change the Currency Settings for Store with Woo-commerce

Create a New Level:

Please go to Wp-Admin Dashboard

  1. Ads Listing System
  2. Listings Levels
  3. Create levels, For Example, Free Package – Normal Package – Best Package etc…

Options include while creating listing levels so please see the attached image check the rest of the options and set according to your choice for this level, hit save.

  1. Level name
  2. Level description
  3. Eternal active period -> Checked/unchecked this option for level expiration date
  4. Active period -> Here you can set expire date of level after unchecked the above option
  5. Change level after expiration can be set here -> After expiration listing will change level automatically.
  6. Number of listings in package -> Enter more than 1 to allow users get packages of listings. Users will be able to use listings from their package to renew, raise up and upgrade existing listings.
  7. Ability to raise up listings
  8. Sticky listings -> Listings of this level will be on top
  9. Featured listings -> Listings of this level will be on top and marked as featured
  10. Do listings have own single pages? -> When unchecked – listings info will be shown only on excerpt pages, without links to detailed pages.
  11. Enable nofollow attribute for links to single listings pages
  12. Enable map -> Here you can Enable/Disable map for the level
  13. Enable listing logo on excerpt pages
  14. Make This Level Featured/Popular
  15. Allow Resurva Booking
  16. Images number available
  17. Videos number available
  18. Listings price can be set here
  19. Listings raise up price
  20. Locations number available
  21. Custom markers on the map
  22. Categories number available
  23. Assigned categories
  24. Listing Types number available
  25. Assigned Listing Types
  26. Assigned locations
  27. Assigned content fields

Your listing levels will look like this.

For Woo-Commerce Payment Gateway:

You have to select the “Woo-Commerce payment gateway” from backend by going to Wp-Admin Dashboard > Ads listing system > Listing Settings > Payment Settings

For Woo-commerce you will create the level same as it is in above mentioned but the price for this level will be select by going to “Products” here you have to create products name it may same as listing levels or any other, Here we have created same products as listing levels.

Edit listing levels one by one and set price, You can also set the price while creating “Products”

  1. Regular Price
  2. Sale Price
  3. Listing raise up Price

Then Click on Listings level and select here listing level it may same or change, Remember you can only select one level for one Product.

Your listing levels will look like this.

Your listing levels are done!

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