Create Google API For Map

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Create Google API For Map:

To Create Google API For Map Please go to Wp-Admin Dashboard -> Ads Listing system plugin -> Listings Setting -> Map Settings click on “here” and open the page

Here you have to create a new project or can Edit old One.

Type here New Project name and Create

Your new Project

See the image and click on Dashboard as in option 3

Here you have to Enable API Services

Here you can ENABLE & DISABLE Google API

Click on to Create New API as in image

After Create Credentials you have to close the tab

You have to create two API same as in the above image and Edit one by one same as in below image

Very Important Note:

If you will select None for No Restrictions then you can copy and paste API in any of these two tabs Google Browser or Google Server but your API will not be Save anyone can use your API.

If you will select HTTP for Website Restrictions then you will copy and  paste API in Google Browser and also you have to put your Website link in below-mentioned tab.

If you will select API Address for Server Restrictions then you will copy and  paste API in Google Server and you have to put your Server IP in the below mentioned tab.

Remember: if you will not Restrict API then your API will not be saved and anyone can use your API

Copy & Paste these two API one By one In Google Browser & Google Server and save it your map will start working on your site.

Important Note:

You have to Enable 5 Api’s i,e Directions API, GeoCoding API, GeoLocation, Places, Maps javaScript API as in this Image.,

Hope this Article will help You.

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