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Hi guys,

As you are aware that classiads was not available at for a while,  We have done significant changes in the listing system for classiads and replaced previous listing system operated by (listing plugin), The old listing plugin has been removed from the package and would not be bundled anymore. We are still in the process to convert classiads demo sites to the new listing system and it may take a few more days, follow the steps below for installation and upgrade. and make sure to check major areas that would have no alternative.

New Customers

Please follow the instruction here  or submit a ticket, our support team will install classiads for you.

Existing Customers

If you are using the old listing plugin, please read the impact of changes below before proceed to upgrade, if you are ready to upgrade to the new listing system please submit a ticket our support team will convert your site to the new listing system, Please do not convert by your self, you may lose your important data while conversion if you are willing to use old listing system and decide not to upgrade to new listing system, don’t worry we will keep providing support and fixes for old plugin as well but it would not be bundled anymore.

What is not available in the new listing system
  • Some content fields for example date/time and hours field are not available,
  • Classiads single listing page previous designs are not currently available, we are working on for conversion
  • Custom map markers are not available any more
  • Category icons library is not available anymore, rather you can upload your own icon images for each category. by upgrading to the new listing system you would have to set category icons again
  • Map, custom marker and some other options are not available in packages,
  • Reserva booking option is no more available
  • The built-in payment system is no more available, new listing system support only woocomerce.
  • Twilio SMS addon currently not available,
  • Mobile OTP is currently not available.
  • .csv import/export currently not available
  • The sorting feature has been changed
  • Mapbox addon is currently not available
  • frontend user verification is currently not available
  • Listingtypes taxonomy is no more available

We are still working on further improvements. For more details please contact us here


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