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Please follow steps below for update ClassiadsPro to version 5.10

Before proceed, Please make sure you have generated a complete backup.

  1. visit Classiadspro documentation and click update theme menu -> follow instructions
  2. After installing updated theme version 5.10, Go to Appearance -> Installed Plugins -> Install and Activate Classiads Templates Plugin
  3. Since version 5.10 Designinvento Templates Plugin has been replaced with Classiads Templates Plugin, go to Plugins -> delete Designinvento Templates Plugin to avoid any accidental activation of this plugin in future which may cause a fatal error.
  4. Now got to wp-admin -> plugins -> update all plugins, Make sure to update DirectoryPress Plugin first and then update all Directorypress Addons.
  5. Go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> install and activate DirectoryPress Advanced Fields and DirectoryPress Claim Listing Plugins
  6. in case of updating a DirectoryPress Addon Plugins before main DirectoryPress Plugin, system should deactivate that addon to avoid fatal error which you can re-activate after updating main DirectoryPress Plugin.
  7. Go to Classiads Dashboard -> Theme Settings -> save setting once.
  8. Go to DirectoryPress -> Settings -> save settings once.
  9. if you are using category style 4 at homepage with elementor, you may needs to edit homepage in elementor and select category style 4 once again if getting a layout issue.
  10. Make sure to clear cache after update.

If there is an issue, feel free to contact support channel. thank you

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