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Pricing With Woocomerce

Make sure you have already created a package by following steps here

Step: 1

Make sure Woocomerce Payment System is selected by following steps below

  1. Go to Directorypress[Fig: 1.1]
  2. Click Settings [Fig: 1.1]
  3. Click Payment Settings [Fig: 1.1]
  4. Select Woocomerce Paymets [Fig: 1.1]
  5. If Turned On, Admin would be able to creating listing free and All package would be set as free for admin. [Fig: 1.1]
  6. Turn on woocomerce menu in frontend user panel. [Fig: 1.1]

Fig: 1.1

Step: 2

  1. Go to products [fig: 1.2]
  2. Click Add New to create a product for each package or edit existing one. [Fig: 1.2]
  3. Select Directorypress Package from product data select box. [Fig: 1.3]
  4. Set price for this package. [Fig: 1.3]
  5. Set Sale price for this package (optional). [Fig: 1.3]
  6. Set bump up price for this package. [Fig: 1.3]
  7. Click package setting tab[Fig: 1.4]
  8. Assign a Directorypress Package (previously created in DirectoryPress packages) to this product [Fig: 1.4]

Fig: 1.2
Fig: 1.3
Fig: 1.4