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How To Setup Google Api

Since version 3.0 DirectoryPress Maps are controlled by an add-on plugin, to use map features please follow steps below.

Step: 1
Make sure DirectoryPress Maps plugin is installed and activated.

  1. Click DirectoryPress Menu (Fig: 1.1)
  2. Click Settings Menu (Fig: 1.1)
  3. Click Map Settings (Fig: 1.1)
  4. Add  Browser/Javascript API  Key to create api visit for API configuration follow Step 2 below (fig:1.1)
  5.  Add  Server API  Key to create api visit  for API configuration follow Step 2 below (fig:1.1)
  6. Click Save Changes Button.

Fig: 1.1
Follow steps below to create APIs

Step: 2
Please follow  the steps below to create google map api.

  1. Google map services are no more free, you may have to activate billing first. (fig: 1.2)
  2. Click Create Project Button (Fig: 1.2).
  3. Add Project Name, you can set any name of your convenience. (Fig: 1.3)
  4. Click Create Button (Fig: 1.3)
  5.  Click Google Api Menu at top left corner to open menu panel (Fig: 1.4)
  6. Hover over APIs and Services Menu then click Credentials Menu from drop down. (Fig: 1.4)
  7. After Clicking credentials menu, make sure you have selected particular project (Fig: 1.5)
  8.  Click create credentials (Fig: 1.5)
  9. Click API Key from pop over window, an API would be generated, repeat this step to create second API key(Fig: 1.5)
  10.  Now Click Pencil icon to edit first API key. (Fig: 1.6)
  11. Change API name of your convenience (Fig: 1.7)
  12.  Select HTTP referrers from Application Restrictions(Fig: 1.7)
  13.  Click Add an item link from Website Restrictions section (Fig: 1.8)
  14. Add website links for API authorization. (Fig: 1.8)
  15. Hit save button to complete configuration ( Fig: 1.8)
  16.  Now edit second api created previously in point number 9 above (Fig: 1.9)
  17.  Change API name of your convenience (Fig: 1.10)
  18.  Select Server IP from Application Restrictions(Fig: 1.10)
  19. Click Add an item link from Website Restrictions section (Fig: 1.10)
  20. Add Server IP address for API authorization and hit save button(Fig: 1.10)

Fig: 1.2
Fig: 1.3
Fig: 1.4
Fig: 1.5
Fig: 1.6
Fig: 1.7
Fig: 1.8
Fig: 1.9
Fig: 1.10

Step: 3
Follow steps below to enable api services.

  1. Click Dashboard menu from side panel (Fig: 1.11)
  2. Click enable API services (Fig: 1.11)
  3. Click All mentioned services in figure 1.12 one by one to enable required services (Fig:1.12)
  4. Click Enable button to activate service, repeat this step for all 5 services (Fig: 1.13)

Fig: 1.11
Fig: 1.12
Fig: 1.13