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How location levels works

Since version 3.0 DirectoryPress Offer seamless user experience at Backend with ajax based operations, At the end of this short tutorial you will be able configure any content field easily. Watch Video or follow step by step guide below.

NOTE: You don't need to create "Country" as Level if you are working in the single country or state if your country don't have state/region. Then simply create one level as City.

If you are going to work in more than one country or globally then you need to create "Country"
level and if your country have states then create "State" level. In this way you will have total three levels in the locations.

Step: 1    
(Globally or more than one country)

  1. Browse to DirectoryPress -> Locations
    This is the example of location level three. (fig:1.1)
  2. Click Create new or Click on the Configure option on the existed location like Country to edit or delete. (fig:1.2)

Fig: 1.1
Fig: 1.2

Step: 2 

  1. Click wp > Listings > listing locations (fig: 1.3)

    NOTE: This is the example of Global or More than one country to operate. It will be Location level three. You need to have Country & State as the levels in the WP > DirectoryPress > Locations  (fig: 1.3)

Fig: 1.3

(Domestic Level or in a Single Country)

NOTE: This is the example of Local or single country . In this situation you don’t need to have Country as a level. If you country does have different states simply create state as a level. It will be location level two. (fig: 1.4)

Fig: 1.4

NOTE: In this example you can see we have California as a state which is a parent location. and in the sub location level we have San Diego which is a city. This is how we setup Location level two. (fig: 1.5)

Fig: 1.5

NOTE: If your country doesn't have any state and You want to work in a single country then simply create one location level. Which will be City. 

Hope this article helps.

Good Luck.