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Container layout

General theme settings offer container layout adjustment for your website, Please follow the steps below for certain options.

  1. This option can set website width, you can set either full with or boxed container, boxed container would follow main grid width from option number 2. [figure: 1.0]
  2. Set page content container width for whole website. [figure: 1.0]
  3. This option can be used to set content area width for the pages/ archive pages/ singular pages with sidebar enabled. value is in % so if content area set to 67% sidebar width would be 33% [figure: 1.0]
  4. Set global body background, You can use either a color or background image. [figure: 1.0]
  5. this option would remove query strings from the resource for better performance. keep turned on recommended [figure: 1.0]
figure 1.0